Welcome to MarriedtotheTrail. I’m glad you made it. The reasons as to why you’re here are many, but I think the thing we have in common is thru-hiking.

What is thru-hiking, you ask? In a nut-shell—because in all honesty you have to be a little nutty to be a thru-hiker—it’s setting out by foot to hike the entire length of a long-distance trail, one ideally more than 500 miles and one generally under 3,000 miles. With only the shoes on your feet, the clothing on your body and a backpack full of gear, thru-hiking connects the dots between one end of a trail and the other. Some shorter trails may take three weeks to complete while others may take six months. That said, there are hundreds of long-distance trails spread throughout the world just as there are hundreds of reasons for why people choose to thru-hike. This blog will unveil the trails that I hike—and plan to hike—in addition to the evolution of reasons behind what drives me to hike.

This is not a blog designed to answer all of your questions, although you’ll likely find an answer to many a wonder. It’s a blog in which I can ramble off a plethora of tangents, as anyone who knows, I’m equally as good at rambling off tangents as I am walking thousands of miles across the country. That said, there is ample photography to drool over, blog topics that will no doubt provide some form of amusement, recommendations on what to do—and especially what NOT to do—in addition some other information that I hop you find useful.

I hope you enjoy.

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