IMG_1155425-430 kilometers: Being on an island there are many times to get wet. Theres also many times I need to find away across a big ol’ harbor or estuary that is otherwise impassable. I took a ferry across one harbor, i hired a man to transport me across the Whangarei and ive walked across the rest. Except the Mangawhai Harbor. That i was blessed with “sea magic.”
Again it would have been a road walk to get around the thing, adding at least a dozen kilometers. Just across the harbor, however, maybe a couple hundred feet, sat an enticing beach, a shoreline that would reconnect with the mainland a few kilometers down. It offered solitude, beauty and i wanted it. If only i could get across. And then i think i manifested the boat. They pulled up to shore just ahead of me and one of the men hopped out and ran up to get the car. I approached the other two fellas—both Kiwi—and asked if there was any chance they could give me a lift. Indeed they did and five minutes later i was standing across the harbor, once again triumphant. I think it was fate, especially with the title of their boat being “Sea Magic” and i see it as in no way jeapordizing the integrity of my thru-hike.
That evening i walked past a bird refuge(albeit i might have been IN the refuge at one point as the oystercatchers and seagulls were NOT happy and if it hadn’t been for my hiking poles i may have had more than just a few close encounters). With my poles above me head, i walked past warm, green pools of water that glistened in the late afternoon sun. (It almost looked like the hot sulphur pools in Yellowstone NP). After, i had miles to myself on the pristine shoreline. I took an hour’s rest, savouring the opportunity with a glass of wine. i had picked up a bottle a few days earlier (a luxurious weight but totally worth it). with my shoes off and feet crossed, i lounged on the beach writing in my journal starring off across the ocean where great rises of islands climbed into the sky. that night, after a few more hours of hiking into the sunset, i camped at a secluded camp just over the dunes and away from the wind. As i feel asleep, the rhythm of my lungs and the rising and falling of the waves fell into synch. What a perfect way to end the day.

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