Great big river valleys

Just a quick post here as I’ve got a couple minutes before hitching back up to the trail to begin the next 6-day segment from lake Coleridge to lake tekapo. For the last 6 days, however, I’ve spent my time hiking the  deception-mingha track which including rock hopping and tree swimming my way up  and down big ok’ river valleys. In route there were a few passes, a slept out under the stars at -3 degrees (Celsius that is), a stay at what I presumed was a haunted hut, a hitchhike with a man who showed little enthusiasm for any of the mountains in the nearby region because his heart and memories lie with 3,000mostly successful ski dives and 42 brushes with death. Once again I have returned to cattle and she country, but the views are nice. Finally, as mentioned I am no longer a purist and therefore hitched the last 30 k’ Which would have been on roads. I also continue the journey southward with my companion Dylan, who is kind and patient to my short-term memory patterns and struggles with technology. That’s all the rambling a for now. Will write loads in the next trail town.

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