Morning not far from home.

Morning not far from home.

It’s been months since I posted on my blog. But I knew, having this not been my first rodeo, that this would happen. And knowing such things were a high likelihood, I embraced it. I didn’t fret. I didn’t feel sorry. I simply accepted that things were a bit slow-to-develop, like the miles I spent amongst the snowbound mountains of northern Colorado.

My blog centers itself on thru-hiking, and unfortunately for this thru-hiker’s blog, it’s the off season for such opportunity. So I was left wondering what to ramble about. What tangent to wander and wonder about. What new toy to discuss.

I thought about sharing thoughts about my newest passion, which lies in the strings of my Yamaha guitar. Which, upon thinking about it, I think I will one day. I also thought about documenting any one of the festive costumes I came up with, like my giant Starburst Costume that took Second Place at Mcmenamins. And I thought about sharing my pre-Thanksgiving cleanse in which I lost seven pounds (and have since gained and maintained only two of those pounds in the week post-thanksgiving which was a week of GREAT indulgence). But I shared that all on Facebook, as MarriedtotheTrail isn’t about slapping a bunch of paint on a box. But it sure was fun.

It's a bit hard sitting when you're a Starburst.

It’s a bit hard sitting when you’re a Starburst.

But recently it dawned on me. In this everyday life that I lead, one passionately driven on many a medium, I’ve fallen addictively in love with running. Besides my tuesday go-to, with an after-work-wind-down with my best girlfriends and BBC’s Stout on Nitro, running has become an everyday medium to channel my addictive personality. Having such an addictive personality is not something that I’m particularly proud of, but without it I would have never hiked 10,000 miles over many a trail. I am who I am. Like it or not. That said, I think I have found a medium in which to utilize my blog over the duration of the next year…. That is until the next thru-hike. Patagonia and South America, you just wait…

So….Recently a co-worker sent me an email suggesting I train for a half marathon here in the heart of Bend, Oregon. Intrigued, I said yes. But upon thinking about it, I thought that it would be a terrible thing, as a majority of it was spent on asphalt. I don’t do well on hard surfaces. I was told several years ago that I would never be able to run again, after a rather inopportune moment when a car ran a stop sign and sent my body flailing into the sky. After many hospital and therapy visits, I learned I’d likely need knee reconstruction within several years and if somehow I made it past such a moment, I’d need a knee replacement. That was seven years ago and I feel fine. More than fine. Great in fact. So great that I want to run a marathon. And so great, I think, that I might yearn to run an ULTRA within the next few years. Go baby go. Maybe it’s the stretching and light yoga I do per day. Maybe the Ibuprofen. Maybe that box of wine. Whatever it is, I run daily. And love it. And, regardless of that so-called diagnosis, I don’t think the half-marathon would satisfy me. I think a marathon would. Time will tell. At more than five months away, I am excited to train, to push myself, to channel my addictive personality into a medium that is healthy and productive.

My boss is going to help train me, in addition to a few other of my most-favorite co-workers. Tina and Carrie, I can only look forward to the sweat-fest we’re about to engage in. Let’s cheers to the post-workout glass of wine. Don’t fret on the how and where and when and why.. Afterall, we’ll all end up at the end at some point or another. I just might be the first one drinking….. Smile.


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