A Dinosaur in a Young Person’s Body

Meg and Sarah at local’s night, BBC.

 “When are you going to post to Instagram again?” Meg asks, both curious and slightly annoyed. “I totally forgot about that,” I responded, pondering the idea as I took a sip of Bend Brewing Co. Outback Ale. My friend Sarah looks at me, then to Meg, and revels that she too has somehow evolved in this modern age, only to fail miserably at staying connected with the plethora of social media platforms available. With another pull on our beers, Sarah and I spend the next fifteen minutes posting to our Instagram accounts, all the while heeding advice from our dear friend Meg. I must say, it is quite a fun social media platform, and I was very impressed at how it took a rather dismal looking photo and morphed it into an inviting masterpiece. Another adventure awaits just around the corner. 

On a similar note, I wanted to share some websites of some of my close friends who are also fellow travelers, whether they are moments away from being “on-trail” or like me, in the process of planning for and/or dreaming of the next adventure. 

Going-away treats for Shera. Bacon cupcakes with the coolest icing ever!

 Shera is 24-hours from heading south the the start of the CDT. She has been dreaming about this for years and has been swept away by all notions of trail. I am very excited for her to set foot on that trail, eager for the adventure and beauty that had swept me away four years ago. She’s been a wonderful influence in my life, an optimistic, joyous soul who I look to as both mentor and friend. 

Follow her hike on the CDT this year. https://sherahikes.wordpress.com

Up next is Meg, aka Delightful. I met Meg a year or two ago, post-New Zealand. I think… Seriously where is the time going? Meg is also a thru-hiker, and rather spontaneously, but totally predictable for any thru-hiker devoted to and/or addicted to the trail, she has decided to quit her job and hop on the northbound “train” to Canada. In two weeks she’ll be walking north on the CDT as well. I’m both excited and jealous for both these women, and although part of me wants to jump on the train too, I have bigger plans in store. Patagonia awaits. 

To read more about Meg and her upcoming hike: http://www.megroussos.com/work

The third lady I want to introduce is Sarah, the one who also suffers from being a dinosaur trapped in a young person’s body. While I was in New Zealand, she spent 5 months in Central America working on farms, hiking volcanoes and absorbing the culture. And like me, it’s only a matter of time until she chooses wandering rather than walls.

Stay tuned for her adventure here: https://raintravel.wordpress.com

Road trips with Rosie

 That’s all for now. There’s lots of things being done in preparation for my travels to Patagonia later this year, like reaching out for contacts and highlighting the proposed route in marker. That, and further condensing my life into that of which can fit in my truck. That’s right folks, I’ve gone so far as to move into my truck, an adventure in itself and one I will write about in the next post. 

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