Rosie, armed and ready.

 Meet Rosie. She’s a beautiful piece of metal, a 1994 Toyota Pickup, a simple name born in a year before trucks needed to hide behind a name….(I’m a dinosaur who’s evolved within a young person’s body, and admires things of the past, perhaps when it was more simple, or perhaps more lasting. Or perhaps some other intrinsic meaning). Rosie has become my side-kick, a best-friend and a bed at the end of the night. 

Three weeks ago, on a bit of a whim, but also upon realizing I had to move out of my residence because my roommate announced she was pregnant, I decided to move into Rosie. I thought, “Why not?” Afterall, I love camping. I also love an excuse to get out of town and to live by the thrill of adventure. And I love knowing that I am saving money for the next grand adventure…
  So, that’s what I did. I moved into my truck. It’s been an interesting three weeks thus far. A hate-love relationship, one that I practice with nearly everything else in my life. Overall though, it’s been love. Here’s the answer to the five w’s:

Who? Me, also known as marriedtothetrail, and a woman who is driven by adventure, lured by the unknown and weary of the mundane. 

What? Nine months spent living in a vehicle, commuting (mostly) by bike to work, 5.5 miles down the hill into downtown Bend, Oregon. Rosie is a classic-red 94′ Toyota Pickup with matching shell, and inside lies a single raised bed with a mighty cozy pad and 22-degree sleeping bag that provides for a great night’s sleep. In tow, for convenience and pleasure, I’ve outfitted Rosie with a Kuat bike rack on the rear and a Thule cargo box on top. Portable, rechargeable speakers, boxes of wine and lots of books, maps, and empty pages are a girl’s next best friend. 

When? April-December 2015.

Where? Deschutes National Forest during the work-week. Otherwise, an adventure draws us east, west, north, south. Anywhere that the heart desires. Steens. Umpqua. Shasta. Pacific Northwest. Pacific Coast. CDT…

And why? I’m lured, once again, to a far-away adventure. The money saved between now and December will most certainly make up for any discomfort. After outfitting Rosie, I figure I’ll be saving $3,000. Chile and Patagonia Proper, here I come

Other Q’s:

“Where do you shower?” I’m fortunate to have a shower at work and a shelf to keep all my toiletries in one happy place. I’m also considering a gym membership with a shower, sauna and soak because, in all honesty, I’m fed up that I can’t shake my winter-holiday weight and, well, bathing suit time is just around the corner… Bring on the sunshine!

“And laundry?” I hate doing laundry. Seriously, I will pay you to do my laundry I hate it that much. As a result, I solely believe in attire that doesn’t need to be washed often. Hence why my wardrobe consists of the colors black, navy, brown, more black and an orange scarf or three… (I love scarfs!)  Fortunately, my good friends won’t let me go unlaundered for too long…

“What do you eat?” I have a kitchen at work so I eat (generally) breakfast and lunch at work. Salads, nuts, berries, that sort. Dinner I often spoil myself, but it is dependent upon whether I’m camping out in the backcountry or in the city. I’ve taken to treating myself to ladies night at BBC on Tuesday (Bend Brewing Company), burger night at Silver Moon Brewery on Wednesday and 5 Fusion Sushi on Fridays. This girl loves her sushi… Heaps of other options lay in the midst. All depends on where the flow takes me…

“Aren’t you afraid?” Sometimes. Not because of bears or wolves or other animal sorts, but more because of other humans. I carry mace and a knife and if had a few drinks, you really don’t want to mess with this girl… 

“Do you get lonely?”At times, but that’s a topic for another time.  

$3,000. That’s what I think of these days when I wake up with frost on the windows and a chill that won’t get me warm until walk into the doors of work. Do I dream of some place warm? Yes. Warm beaches upon Hawaiian soil cross my mind regularly. So does a soak in a hot tub at the local pub. And then, as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I’m still hoping on Hawaii, though…

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