Orange is the New Black


 I’m sure that many of you have heard of “Orange is the New Black.” It’s an intriguing memoir about a woman who was indicted, after a seemingly minor crime she committed ten years prior, to a prison sentence of fifteen months. But it’s more than just time served, as it’s the intricacies of the federal prison system, and relationships that one comes to build and/or tolerate while behind bars. 

Last night I was beyond pleased to sit in a packed audience at Bend High School, part of the Deschutes Library’s Author! Author! series. Piper Kerman, the author and one-time inmate, stood before us to tell her unique tale, in addition to exposing the truth and tragedy that men, and especially woman, face while doing time in America’s prison system. 

Her persona captivated the audience. Her pose and presence kept every eye and ear focused to the front of the auditorium. She was personable, knowledgeable and 100% real. I was silently taking notes, and even more so, pondering the possibility of captivating such an audience with my own book, Married to the Trail. I will need to get over stage fright to do so….

  Her book is definitely different than what is portrayed in the Netflix Original Series, but that is irrelevant. Each are beautiful on their own, portraying the story, and the stories, that exist within such a controversial topic. And both make you want to read more, to watch more, and to know what happens behind the next wall. 

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