250 Miles Down River

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu

Many have heard of this quote, one often revisited by those who frequent the greater outdoors, whether pressing our footsteps into that of a long-distance hike, a remote coastline or any off-the-beaten-track adventures in between.

Because it’s true. The only way to begin with a journey of great magnitude, is to begin. 
So here I am, as the last of the evening’s light trickles away, that I listen to the soothing riffle of Snow Creek while awaiting the next journey. And while I wait, there’s a simplicity that meets me here, by the river’s edge, one that is welcoming, inspiring, aspiring. (No that’s not a typo).I hatched the idea a few months ago. Assuming that I’m still headed to Chile and the stark contours of South America at the end of the year (which is a never-ending pendulum of pros and cons), I’ve wanted to set forth on a more local adventure to see if a) I deep-down-inside love the idea if multi-day pack-rafting and 2) become intimately aware of what is needed to custumize my Packraft.

Tomorrow I set foot on the inaugural mile in section-pack-rafting the length of Oregon’s Deschutes River. Beginning at the headwaters (Little Lava Lake), I will piece together this river’s 252-mile length over the next few months. Using my weekends, I will paddle near and far as I first head south through lake and resevoir, until bending 180-degrees to steer north into the Columbia River. I’ve rafted and kayaked (with a whitewater hardshell kayak) 50% of the river, some of which still sends chills through my bones. (Google “Riverhouse” and/or the “Middle Deschutes”  with some other mention of kayak/river/carnage and I’m sure you’ll find some good footage on the carnage that goes down!!!!) But that’s the sweet part about paddling a 5-pound packraft. I can paddle or I can hike. And best of all…. It’s all downhill!

Let the adventure begin!

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