Bathtub Rapid with Candi and Rick.

Bathtub Rapid with Candi and Rick.

The last week has been incredible. It’s been busy beyond belief, at least for this mountain girl, but instead of being overwhelmed, the tasks at hand are the the fuel to my fire. You see, I’m not someone who tolerates weak deadlines and infinite timeframes. Tell me that something needs to be done, and I will deliver promptly. Tell me that something has an open-end and you may never see the results come to fruition.

Before diving into the list of things I need to accomplish this week, I first had to escape the crowd of Bend’s tourist season and head to the Umpqua. I needed to be with the river, with the understanding and comfort and simplicity of the water’s edge. I then needed to immerse myself into the water, to be humbled by the river’s power, it’s beauty and it’s ability to make me feel alive. And laugh.

I will forever love the North Umpqua River. The scenic beauty is uncompromisingly beautiful. Smooth river rock lays adjacent to deep, crystal-clear pools of refreshing 55-degree water. Osprey and eagle fly above. And best of all, I always spend it one of my best friends. Candi and I have know each other for several years, and in this time we have become lifelong river pals. We love to stare up into the blue sky, searching for a flap of a wing, or an insight into life. We laugh. We eat. We drink. We indulge in hours of happy, memorable, good times.

That said, I share some of my favorite photos from this weekend. But like any diligent person, I must take my attention from this blog to that of the pages of my manuscript. My editor has returned the script back to me and I am working under a tight deadline (one that I created, but also one that she is hopeful for). As many of you know, Married to the Trail is underway to being a published book. So yes, for now, I must wander to another page.

Until next time….

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