Shera and I love trails! And nature!

She-ra and I love trails! And nature! This was taken a few years ago… before we were Triple Crowners! (Sorry She-ra if I’m jumping the gun, BUT you’re so gonna make it!)

Today is a good day. The reason why lays in the fact that I rarely give myself a day off. And by day off, I don’t mean a day of no miles spent backpacking, paddling or a simple walk around the neighborhood. Exercise is a daily necessity in my life. But most days, I have what seems to be a daunting list of things to do, whether for necessity like a paycheck, or my passion for writing and the soon-to-be-published Married to the Trail, or more easily, but equally as challenging for a girl like me, to satisfy the list of social engagements one strikes up. I need to remind myself in the swirl of being overwhelmed, that being liked is a good thing. But today is a Mary Day. 100% Mary time. And I don’t feel bad about it. Instead, I’m staying at “home” or at least the home of my friends as I am house-sitting for three glorious weeks. Just me, a cat and occasionally, a fine craft brew.

Starting early, at quarter to six, I laid my head to the floor in child’s pose, before moving through a series of other hip-opening, soul-soaring motions that would no doubt set this day off in the right direction.

Afterwards, a big cup of black tea. With the computer cracked wide open, I let my thoughts, passion and research litter the page. Its been months on my mind, but I have finally made time to sit down and research all the brands and products I wish to hike this next adventure with. And sure, although the adventure has changed from having wanted to pack-raft Chile to hike the Calendar Triple Crown, to me, its all very much the same. Except that I am so much more excited and comfortable setting foot, once again, on three of America’s greatest long-distance footpaths.

Today, I let my honesty and skill find the words to persuade those brands. Or so I hope they do. One paragraph in particular stood out as I drew up the first draft and I want to share it with you. Perhaps its because it brings a smile to my face, or gets me further excited about setting foot on the next adventure. Or perhaps, despite how much solitude I love, I still love sharing the journey with others. Here it is:

“You might ask why I’d want to hike these trails again, and more importantly why I’d want to walk for an entire year. For me, to walk these trails again is to see them in a new light. Just like when we return to our favorite place, be it a trail, river, rock or pub, we do it because it holds a special place in our heart, and we find comfort despite the occasional discomfort. But more important, its because there is the ability to see a little bit more, whether it’s hidden in the landscape or hidden within ourselves.”

Thats all for now. I’m going back to my Mary-Day. In the meantime, I want to personally thank those who have donated to this upcoming journey. It means a lot knowing there are people out there thinking of me. And for those who are interested, there’s a “Donate” tab located at the top and side of my website. Every mile counts!

Also, for anyone interested, one of my dearest friends is in the home-stretch of completing her own Triple Crown! Read more on her exceptional blog,

One thought on “LIFE: A JUGGLING ACT

  1. Dude!!! I made it to town on my first hitch! A 34 mile day earns me a large supreme pizza and a night in a hotel 🙂 I’ve been thinking about you a lot since you told me you want to do the calendar triple, I have to say, its beyond me…but I’m so stoked to do what I can to help you on your journey!!!


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