For several months, I’ve witnessed my story, my book, come that much closer to being a printed, published manuscript. It’s been a beautiful dance, one of carefully chosen words and vivid, engaging memories.

A sneak peek from Married to the Trail!

A sneak peek from Married to the Trail!

I’m very fortunate that the staff of Big Earth Publishing saw great potential in my story. It’s a unique story that few could tell, if any. A woman walking the length of the Continental Divide Trail, adrift in mountains and the swirl of emotion that one indubitably sees when they walk thousands of miles for thousands of hours, many of those spent alone. I am very excited to see Married to the Trail in tangible form, 270 pages of emotional honesty intertwined with that of the scenic beauty of the Continental Divide.

For months I’ve spent many hours starring at the computer screen or across the white of the printed page. Writing is an art form. It’s an intelligent poetry that doesn’t come naturally to many. For me it does. I find comfort in words, a playfulness that can help bring depth to a thought. Words can paint a picture. I can describe to you a simple scene in few words, or I can bring that depth into a near-reality to the point that you, the reader, feel as if you are the main character. In the case of Married to the Trail, I believe that I’ve painted the picture so well that some of you will feel like you’re the one doing the walking.

Another sneak-peek from Married to the Trail.

Another sneak-peek from Married to the Trail.

Next month Married to the Trail will be available for all to read. I will keep you posted as the time gets closer. I’m eager to have ya’ll read it.

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