Married to the Trail is getting a facelift.

I’m laughing at myself. I’m laughing because during the last few days, as I’ve sold and signed copies of my book, I’d become so anxious about what to sign, that hours later I was still troubled by the words that I might have scribbled, or maybe the words I didn’t. And of course, I have a terrible memory, and therefore I’ve likely forgotten what was written in the first place. At this point, the drumroll of laughter has rang out into the day. I have humored myself for such a silly notion. Perhaps the words I did scribble in some attempt to personalize each signed book were a bit over thought, a bit eccentric, a bit too personal or not personal enough. But what is so wrong with that? Life is better with eccentricity.
And this is a great lesson to learn not just for this situation, but throughout life. Don’t over think it. Don’t dwell. Each day is a new canvas, a new page. You are in charge of the picture or the words on your life’s blank surface.

And this new day—as well as eight hours of yesterday—my website has undergone some changes. In large part because many people use their smart-phones as their sole means to connect, but also because I wanted the focus of my website to shift. My book, Married to the Trail, is now available for purchase, and I need you, the reader, to know how to buy it. Click here if you’re ready to buy it. Also, I wanted to give a fresh look to how the text and image display, especially in preparation for next year’s grand adventure: The Calendar Triple Crown. So, yesterday afternoon, I sat down with my friend Erin to give my website a fresh look. I’ve been very impressed with myself for having gotten this far on my own, but alas, there’s just some things that my brain simply doesn’t understand. Or simply needs a nudge in the right direction from someone who does. Erin is a web designer, thru-hiker and the author of Hikertrash: Life on the Pacific Crest Trail. She’s a great person, who honestly, reminds me a lot of myself. We over think things, sometimes often. We laugh at ourselves for our type-A behavior. We hike long-distance trails and dream about long-distance trails even when we’re hiking long-distance trails. I am grateful she took the time out of her busy schedule to help give Married to the Trail a facelift. Thanks Erin!

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