Everyone’s been asking, “When do you start?” and “Where do you start?” Those questions are prompted because in exactly one month I’ll begin hiking from the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail, en route to complete the Calendar Triple Crown. With each passing week, I’m making steady progress in preparing myself for the year-long trek, checking off things to do on a rather daunting list of to-do’s.

I made a big step forward two weeks ago, when I “closed up shop” in Bend. Besides saying see you next year to heeps of friends, I threw together the logistics of my year-long hike, and then built a dozen resupply packages that are destined for the CDT and PCT. (The boxes that will ship to addresses along the AT will be built in the weeks to come, when I travel back to NY to see my family.)

That lengthy list of logistics has now had the time to steep, brewing itself finer and finer, like a hot cup of oolong tea. Each morning I attend to emails, ponder gear choices, coordinate with sponsors and continue to coordinate upcoming events for my book, Married to the Trail.

And as I continue to check off things on my to-do list, I’ve made the rounds, visiting in Portland, Eugene and now, Mount Shasta. In Portland, I visited the Montbell Shop for a book signing. It was a slow day at the shop, and therefore for Married to the Trail, but it’s a good test to see what works best for promoting the book. Slideshows and readings are no doubt the best means to pull an audience in. Which is exactly what I hope to achieve this Saturday. Now that I’ve made my way south on I-5 to my old stomping grounds in Mount Shasta, I will be the guest speaker at Handsome John’s Speakeasy. It’s a fun little pub in the small town that sits next to a 14,180-foot snowcapped mountain. This Saturday I’m hoping the whole towns comes by, or at least all those friendly faces I’ve known for the last several years, and since 2007 when I first moved to town and after I completed the PCT for the first time.



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