Today is New Year’s Day. Another year has come and gone, it’s pace almost a blur. Time goes too fast, doesn’t it? They say that as you get older, it only goes faster. I’m thirty-one, and I already feel it’s too fast. Hence a big reason as to why I hike long-distance trails. In a sense, the lifestyle we thru-hiker’s fall into step with has the ability to slow the hands on the clock just marginally enough to not feel like life is passing us by.

I have several resolutions, most that I will keep silent. Like a shooting star, I believe that these resolutions have a greater potential to bloom to fruition if I don’t spoil the secret. I have a big year ahead of me, and I’m really excited. I have no idea where my book, Married to the Trail, will lead me. And of course, I’m about to begin the next adventure, by hiking the Calendar Triple Crown.

Which, to clarify, will begin on January 11th. I understand that many folks think I’m starting today, an appropriate day to assume being that it’s the first of the new year. Afterall, it’s called the Calendar Triple Crown. Trust me, I would love to be standing at the Appalachian Trail’s southern terminus right this moment. But I have an exciting week ahead with a presentation at REI Denver, where 75 people have already signed up. I also have a radio interview and then a series of events at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. But don’t you worry, I will be hiking very, very soon. A big year sits ahead of me, and I have an optimistic outlook leading me into 2016.

Happy New Year to all! I hope you’ll find some time today to get out on a hike, or onto a bike, or any other of your favorite activity. It’s a great way to kick off the new year.

2 thoughts on “A BIG YEAR AHEAD

  1. Hey Mary,

    What will you be doing at OR? I’m headed there (for the first time), and if possible, it’d be fun to meet up. Or if anything are you speaking there?

    I think our mutual friend is Emily Schrieber/Grady. 🙂

    xo Liz


    • HEY Liz, I’ll be there with the CDTC (Continental Divide Trail Coalition) friday at 5:30 at the ENU booth, there will be a fundraiser / happy hour and I will be a featured guest selling copies of my book and possibly reading from it. Come by! I’m there thurs eve – saturday eve so there’s plenty of time to meet up. What are you doing there?


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