Fear definitely took the front seat today. It crept up without welcome, and without the ability to take no for an answer.

I was so fortunate to sit down at KGNU, an independent, community radio based in Boulder and Denver, Colorado. They were eager to learn more about my book, Married to the Trail, and what compels me to soon be hiking yet another long-distance adventure. I was excited and anxious, but soon felt like a deer in headlights, unable to articulate my thoughts about being a woman in the long-distance hiking community. I am fearful that tomorrow’s airing will be a bit of disaster, but maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, the fact that I am human, capable of stumbling over my words makes this story all the better. Certainly, anyone who has read my book, Married to the Trail, will say that I have this incredible and natural ability to paint a picture with words. That is, words on paper.

One of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, who is the author of Eat, Pray Love, recently wrote a book called Big Magic. It is a burst of inspiration, serving as fuel to keep moving forward even though living a life of creativity can be a very scary, scary place. It offers many lessons to apply in life, simple insight from a woman who has been there before, having lived a life tethered down to that so-called bully: fear. In her new book, she talks about not letting fear creep into the front seat. Fear is natural and will always exist,  but we need to not give it the spotlight, or be part of the decision making.

So, whatever may or may not have been said in today’s interview,  I am pleased. Afterall, I had the opportunity to be invited for the interview in the first place.

The Aftermath: The interview aired on the morning of January 6th. Its archive can be found on KGNU. Listen here. Turned out, it was an insightful clip, providing a short glimpse at hiking the CDT, and what it takes to mentally and physically prepare for the Calendar Triple Crown. Silly nerves, you got nothing to worry about! Well, sure I do. 2016 is predicting another wet year. El Nino awaits…

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