Here I am, once again flying 10,000 feet up in the air, miraculously propelled forward by the relentless tick of time. In less than 24-hours, all the nervous energy accrued over the last few months will simmer, slow, settle.

I can feel my lungs take more air in and my body release tension while my mind shrugs off all those insecurities and concerns that I thought defined me.

In 24-hours none of that matters. What defines me is not those insecurities, but instead it’s something else. Something really special, so fortunate, so opportunistic, so go-with-the-flow that I can’t ever be that same person who walked down the street yesterday in this beautifully unique world. What really defines me, and will only continue to pull out strengths of immeasurable size, is that I am a woman who aspires to wander from the beaten path and instead into an adventure that is predictably unpredictable. I thrive on lacing up my boots, tossing on a backpack, and walking, for better or for worse, on the soft, bare earth that this world so desperately tries to remind us all to touch.

In less that 24-hours, I will begin walking north on the Appalachian Trail. What stands between me and the year’s end, will be three long-distance footpaths and a distance of more than 7,500 miles. I have a theory of how this will all work, a well-researched and put together plan, but the truth is, life is unpredictable. You don’t know where each step will bring you.

Tomorrow, that step brings me back to the trail. And along the way, there will be enormous transformation. I think it’s going to be a really good year. And yes, I know it’s El Nino and I suppose striving to hike the Calendar Triple Crown wouldn’t be as appealing had it been any other year. I am 10,000 miles from ordinary and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, as I fly above the mountains of Utah and Arizona, I find myself embracing the inevitable. Transformation awaits. Goodbye old self. Hello new. It’s been a wicked and wild thirty-one years.

3 thoughts on “10,000 MILES FROM ORDINARY

  1. I was at your event in Denver last week. Since I will be working a lot the next four months, it will be fun to read about your adventure. Hope your first day sets the pace for your hike.


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