In the beginning, I knew little of the art of hiking long distances. I say art, because that’s what it is. It’s a skill that some of us are born with, while others spend countless miles learning the basics, building upon a foundation so that one day it can be deemed a masterpiece. I wasn’t born with the skill, but after hard work and dedication, I’ve gotten good at what I do. The Appalachian Trail was just that: hard work and dedication. In 2006, and at twenty-two, I left the AT’s southern terminus on May 25th. Hiking through fourteen states, I followed the white blazes north from Amicalola Falls State Park, Georgia, to Baxter State Park, Maine. I reached the northern terminus a wee bit over four months later.


This unique collection of photos illustrates my novice backpacking days, ranging from blurry images shot on a point-and-shoot camera, to improper gear and even to a poor sense of fashion. Now, years later, they provide quite a chuckle. Despite being 2006, I thought it was wise to carry a disposable, point-and-shoot camera. I’ll let the images below speak the rest. Feel free to scroll over these images OR, to view as a SLIDESHOW, click on the top-most image.

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