I’m sure there will be several people who’d like to ship a package to me while I travel the lengths of the Appalachian, Continental Divide, and Pacific Crest Trails. I considered putting a list of addresses and instructions here, but I fear that I may show up to a town, with a few too many thoughtful and tasty treats. So instead, please email me directly if you’d like to ship me a package. I will respond with an address and instructions on how to ship the package. Generally, treats can be shipped USPS Priority, and it’s best to ship it approximately 4-5 days before my ETA(Estimated Time of Arrival). Email:


I’m conscious of the weight I carry on my back, so please only send things that are not bulky and heavy. I love chocolate, nuts, freshly baked cookies, anything with ginger, comics, word games, paperback books (so long as it’s not the size of a dictionary), and mini bottles of whiskey (especially to warm me up in the winter!). Essentially, if I can eat it or use it to enrich my mind, we’re good to go. Again, email: