I am beyond grateful to those who have contributed to my long-distance hikes over the last several years. For 2016, I strive to complete a very ambitious goal. 7,500 miles along three long-distance trails and through four seasons is a long walk. These sponsors make the upcoming adventure that much more possible and that much more exceptional.

Patagonia, with special consideration to Patagonia@Bend. Patagonia is a renowned company, known for it’s technical garments like the Down Sweater, Synchilla Fleece, R1 and Stand Up Shorts, but more importantly, Patagonia is known for it’s environmentally conscious approach toward business and that of the greater good. I have enjoyed working with Patagonia@Bend and the products of Patagonia, as it is a brand that I am proud of and one that I can rely upon. For 2016’s year-long adventure, Patagonia has been more than generous in outfitting me with the long list of clothing I have requested. Although I may wear the same attire on most summer days—one pair of shorts, one shirt, one bra and an alternating set of socks—, on this 7,500 mile hike that will stretch across four seasons, my hiking attire’s “closet” has certainly grown. In all honesty, I don’t think there’s another brand I’d be interested in wearing. Additionally, I thank Patagonia Provisions for providing me with their new line of healthy, nutritional food.

To learn more about Patagonia and their products and dedication to the environment, visit: Patagonia
To learn more about Bend, Oregon’s locally owned and independent retailer, visit: Patagonia@Bend

Hyperlite Mountain Gear.
 Made in Maine, Hyperlite Mountain Gear (HMG) prides themselves as being “Leaders in Lightweight.” HMG makes backpacks and shelters that offer superior durability using ultralight fabrics. They construct their products using Cuben Fiber and Dyneema making their packs and shelters lightweight, durable, waterproof and resistant to the harsh rays of the sun. They are built for many adventures, be it thru-hiking the PCT, pack-rafting Chile or summiting all the 14-er’s in Colorado. I chose HMG because I need a dependable backpack to keep my gear protected and my body comfortable. I also chose HMG because the first leg of the Calendar Triple Crown will take place on the Appalachian Trail. In winter. I need a waterproof pack that can withstand the elements. Visit Hyperlite Mountain Gear to learn more.

1FEDE7D5-7B01-4697-97B1-7D378D0267B6[181]Hop Valley Brewing Company. I never thought I’d be sponsored by a brewery, but it’s pretty rad. Located in Eugene, Oregon this brewery crafts exceptional brews and boasts warm, welcoming smiles. They’re relatively new, established in 2009, but boast both quality and taste of a veteran brewery. Served in bottle and can, you can take this beer to any occasion, be it to a friend’s backyard BBQ or a weekend down the Rogue River.
To learn more about Hop Valley or to visit their brewery and restaurant, visit Hop Valley Brewing Company.

TealBounce Energy Balls. I first got a taste of these nutritious and tasty energy balls while sitting in the community kitchen of the building I work in. Andy, the founder of Bounce, introduced himself with a friendly charm and Australian accent while I introduced myself as a woman who worked downstairs, and who is passionate about hiking long-distance trails. Andy and his wife have created a line of energy balls that are gluten free, and depending on flavor, also dairy free. With flavors like Cacoa Mint, loaded with 9g of healthy protein, and my favorite, Superberry, that provides a sweet and tart burst of fruit, these energy balls are a perfect addition to any hike. Visit Bounce Lifestyle to learn more.

backpackers_pantry_logo_smBackpacker’s Pantry. Thru-hikers can burn 5,000 calories or more per day. In order to keep ourselves fueled, we need meals that offer wholesome ingredients and supply us with nutrition, flavor and calories. Backpacker’s Pantry makes it easy, and after a long day of  hiking twenty-five miles, easy is nice. Produced in Boulder, Colorado, Backer’s Pantry makes tasty, lightweight gourmet backpacking food that I look forward to at the end of the day. With meals like Kathmandu Curry and Beef Stroganoff with Wild Mushrooms, wouldn’t you?

Salazon Logo_NewSalazon Chocolate. Well this is truly a treat. A dear friend and fellow thru-hiker, Shera, mentioned that I must reach out to the kind folks of Salazon Chocolate. Why? Not only does Salazon Chocolate offer delicious chocolate bars that are hand-sprinkled with natural, solar-evaporated sea salt, but they offer a TRAIL series. A portion of proceeds from these dark chocolate bars goes toward the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, The Pacific Crest Trail Association and the Continental Divide Trail Coalition. What a beautiful relationship! Additionally, Salazon chocolate is made from 100% organic, single-origin, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade certified beans in the USA. Chocolate that is good for you!

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